There are certain photos that you are only going to capture from an aircraft.

The helicopter is an extremely flexible aircraft platform to shoot from. 

Specialized equipment. Experienced aerial photographers.

We’ve helped provide thousands of images for commercial and personal use.

At Aerial Photography Louisville we not only use drones but we have access to helicopters. Some shoots require higher altitudes, faster speeds, different angles, and better equipment than drones can't provide. Some locations can not legally be accessed using a drone.
We work with experienced pilots that have flown photographers for years. They have years of experience overcoming the unique challenges associated with taking photographs from helicopters.
With each client we take the time to understand the kind of aerial photography that is desired. We then decide on the best route and time of departure to get the perfect aerial shots. Depending on the clients request the shoot can be done early in the morning, during the day, or late in the evening.

We’re glad you’re interested in the best Aerial Photography company in Louisville, with the most professional aerial photographers in our coverage area. Our passion is to help clients capture the perfect image or to document their important project. From initial contact to final delivery, our thorough process supplies you with better service and products at an affordable cost.
Each client receives our personal attention and we guarantee the images will be more than you expected. Our values go with us: quality work, adaptability, integrity & honesty in all dealings, loyalty to the Aerial Photography Louisville brand…
and having fun!
Our Mission – To provide high quality aerial photography and HD Video / Videography with competitive pricing and excellent service for our clients.
Aerial Photography Louisville offers aerial photography services for any application, including real estate, commercial projects, tourism, & marketing needs. Aerial photos provide an overall picture not possible from the ground. It’s a great way to showcase a home or property, as well as compliment existing ground-based photos in promotional marketing materials. Aerial photos can help differentiate you from the competition and increase sales.
Helicopters offer many advantages over airplanes and drones when it comes to aerial photography. Helicopters provide the easiest working platform by allowing the removal of a door, leaving a large workable shooting area available. This can be very beneficial because you can pan the camera to keep the subject within the frame while still flying in a straight forward direction. Compared to airplanes, helicopter stability at a slower airspeed, combined with superior maneuverability, vastly decreases lost time and expense as you circle back to shoot from a different altitude or angle.
Whether it be a magazine ad, photography for a portfolio, an event, a specific scene, cinematography, or just capturing an unforgettable memory, our pilots will do all in their powers to position you for the perfect shot.
"Taking pictures out of a helicopter is one of the greatest and most rewarding things I’ve done as a photographer. It grants you access to unparalleled views that you would never see otherwise."  Shaun Wilson